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Inside the Hotel Taki you can find the BEEKITE Windsurf and Kitesurf School VDWS.

  • The Spot
    Our Windsurf and Kitesurf school “BeeKite” is located in Castelletto di Brenzone directly on the sea. The kite gets started directly by the boat in the middle of the lake. That´s why there is no risk to get hurt anyhow on the beach. We drive you then to where there are the best windconditions and you have enough space. Our training area is 15 km long and 4 km large.

  • The wind
    There are two main winds on the Garda Lake. The “Peler” and the “Ora”. The “Peler” comes from the north and begins already soon in the morning by 6 am o´clock. It can be gusty and and achieve up to 30 knots. Around 11 am the “Peler” eases off and the “Ora” comes up. So the best time to be on the water is from 2 pm to 6 pm. The “Ora” offers perfect conditions for beginners as it´s a quite stabil wind and achieves around 16 knots.

    The Center
    The Wind- and Kitecenter VDWS and IKO “BeeKite” is located in Castelletto di Brenzone lake Garda in the Hotel Taki, directly on the lake. The center offers different facilities: overnight stays, Restaurant, Bar, sunloungers, Pool, shower on the beach and much more....

    If there should be no wind one day we kindly offer you an altenative programme, on the Garda Lake it will not get boring for sure: sailing, Cat-Tour, canyoning, climbing, Paragliding, sporty boats, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing and for those who want it a bit more relaxed a visit to the close located winerys.
    Description of the classes

    Every participant gets teached individually and in order to his level. The classes adhere to the guidelines of the VDWS and IKO. After long year experience we use the different teaching-systems well directed. As there is no “standing area” it is much easier for beginners who want to learn this type of sport. You can see that already at the first flying exercises. Faults like tighten the “Bar” and flying the power-area are not a problem thanks to the deep water and the huge space we have available. Due to that we can save up until 3 hours of time, besides there is no running back in case of loss of height until 15 km because we drive you back by boat.

    The "Shuttle" is the new Beekite boat, specific for the lift-off service, 10 meters long and 4 meters wide, can transport up to 20 people, oand obviously all their equipment. With its 100 HP engine, the Shuttle will bring you every time in the most windy Lake Garda spots to give yo the possibility to "surfing" freely in complete safety and without doing long walks.

    The space in front of the boat of 16 sqm is a perfect "launch platform". Graz, the boat captain, will assist you during all the lift-off and pumping up your kite with a compressor. Then is all in your hand, the kite, the lake, the wind, all to enjoy!

    At the end, you will be bring back to the shores comfortably, relaxing and enjoing the Lake Garda sights, listening to some music and maybe... drinking a cool beer!

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