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The Restaurant Taki, open all the season, offers Menù that are costantly refreshed during the season to make people taste flavourful dishes prepared with fresh ingredients of the season: from the Asparagus of Mount Baldo in the spring, to dishes dressed with a thin layer of Truffle during the summer, to some Autumnal product of the area like the Porcino mushrooms and its strong taste.

The Beautiful View on the Lake that guest can enjoy from the restaurant and its terrace will make your enogastronomic experience more magic and relaxing, with the colours of Lake Garda very bright and shiny during the daily light and more delicate with the sunset at the evening.
At the Restaurant Taki you will have a wide choice just from the appetizer, prepared carefully from our chefs. You will find many Classic Appetizers and Meat based Appetizer, prepared with the good italian ingredients.

You can also choose from different Fish based Appetizers, that make possibile always new combinations with a rotation of 5 different appetizer with lake fish and sea fish, that will make you start in the best way your experience of the Lake Garda cuisine.If you don't like to start with an appetizer, there is no problem at all! At the Restaurant Taki you will also have a wide choice among rich and colorful First and Second Dishes, Fish and Meat based, finely decorated and prepared with love in our kitchens to make you fully taste a new level of flavours of Lake Garda.

To make you complete your culinary experience, our restaurant will make you know a land of sweetness with a large variety of Home-Made Desserts, to complete your experience at our restaurant in the best way possible.

In addition, every year the Taki Village restaurant also offers its own extra virgin olive oil and homemade jams, which are included in the rich culinary offer of the restaurant. Our jams can also be found at breakfast.

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